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Mental Health and Resilience Programme

We provide a varied collection of resources to reduce stress at work and at home.
All carefully selected by our professional counsellors and psychotherapists

Relaxing Music

Specially composed and Selected music to help you unwind.

Binaural Soundscapes

Unique soundscapes recorded in binaural sound.


We review and recommend books that educate and help.

Desk Yoga

Yoga routines specially designed to do at your desk.

Breathing Techniques

Guided breathing to calm you through the day.

VR Landscapes

Escape to another place using our 360 VR landscapes.

Sleep Stories

Stories to help relax and induce sleep.


Poetry to stimulate thought and expression of feelings.


Listen to experts talk about mental health issues.

Information Leaflets

Leaflets on all aspects of mental health & wellbeing.


Written by counsellors to help you cope with issues and improve your life

Healing Harp

The most relaxing and soothing music from our resident harpist.

Working with Dreams Podcast

Listen to a 5 minute taster of our new podcast on dreams.

Give your employees 
mHarp – the mental health resource programme

Would you like to give your employees access to our mental health rescources? Contact us for more information.